The 4 Bradfords
Heroes of World War I

A tribute to the The Bradford Brothers of Witton Park, Heroes of World War 1
Colonel Sir Thomas Bradford D.S.O. D.L. D.C.L.
Lieut-Commander George Nicholson Bradford V C, Royal Navy
Second-Lieutenant James Barker Bradford MC, DLI
Brigadier-General Roland Bradford V.C. M.C. D.L.I.
Brigadier-General Roland Boys Bradford VC MC - mentioned in book on Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.
Bradford, R B, youngest Brigadier-General in British Army, short biography
List of Victoria Crosses awarded in the Battles of the Somme
Tributes to R B Bradford from Field-Marshal Earl Haig GCB, John Buchan and others
Brigadier-General R B Bradford VC MC, and his 3 brothers
Brig-Gen Bradford VC: An Appreciation by John Buchan
Brig-Gen Roland Bradford's ID tag found and returned to the DLI Museum
Full Text of Lecture by Brigadier-General R. B. Bradford VC MC, to his Officers
Brigadier-General Bradford Addresses Troops Fresh from England
Brig-Gen Roland Bradford VC and connected items at Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead.
Roland with his new Brigade in November 1917
Butte de Warlencourt - Roland Bradford's Field Report of Battle
Map of Warlencourt Eaucourt Area
Diagram of the Somme Area of Northern France
Tributes to G N Bradford from Admiral Viscount Jellicoe, Vice-Admiral Sir Roger Keyes and others
Second Bradford Brother wins V C - St George's Day Zeebrugge Raid
George Bradford's letters within family
George Bradford Welter-Weight Champion of the Navy in World War I
Newspaper Cuttings about the Bradfords
Four Bradford Brothers win 5 top medals
Durham Light Infantry and the Bradford Brothers
Bradford Brothers - Times Article - 12th Nov 1999
Books on the Bradford Brothers - The winners of 5 top medals
Bradford Family Roots at Witton Park Co. Durham
Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, Darlington, Co. Durham honours the Bradford Brothers
Amy Isabelle Bradford - Schoolgirl sister of War Heroes
Amy Bradford at Wycombe Abbey School