The 4 Bradfords
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Photographs of Amy Isabelle Bradford at Wycombe Abbey School

Pic of crest of Wycombe Abbey Crest founded 1896  on Victoria's Day - school motto In Fide VadeWycombe Abbey School Bucks - Founded 1890 - Victoria's Day -with the school motto "In Fide Vade".
Yes, the young Amy Bradford needed to put that motto to the test after her family had been smashed to pieces during those years at the school. Pic of Amy Bradford's profile

Amy Bradford arrived at Wycombe Abbey School in the Autumn Term of 1914

Pic of Amy age 13 in the autumn of 1914

She was 9 years younger than her youngest brother Roland, and 15 years younger than Tommie her eldest brother. This first photograph of her at Wycombe Abbey was taken during her first term in the autumn of 1914.

Pic of part of Wycombe Abbey School
Wycombe Abbey School

sepia pic of the lake at Wycombe Abbey SchoolThe Lake at Wycombe Abbey.

Pic of Amy Bradford in Autumn 1914 during her 1st term
This pic of Amy is from the photo of all the girls in Pitt House. It was taken during her 1st term at Wycombe Abbey, and in the group she was sitting in the very middle of the front row by the feet of the House Mistress.

A Milkweed butterfly_sunning_itself

Amy at the popular sundial spot in 1915

Here is Amy during the summer of 1915 at the sundial again - that popular place for photographs.

Nancy Wall (Jimmie Bradford's wife) at the sundial Wycombe Abbey in 1911

Jimmie Bradford's wife-to-be (Nancy Wall) taken during the summer of 1911 at the sundial in the Wycombe Abbey School grounds.

1915 with pony called 'Moses' on a day out from school
Amy (on the left) is with Norah (Miffie) Smith and Phyllis Wheatley, and this was taken in the Summer of 1915 on Visiting Day. They are all admiring "Moses", and the photo album entry shows he was called 'The Lawn Mower Pony'!

pic of Amy Bradford gardening at school
This pic of Amy working in her little garden at school probably would have been censored had she been alive! But it is included for the benefit of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren who never knew her.

1st pic we have of Amy Bradford in a hat1917 is the first year we have a photo of Amy Bradford wearing a hat. She will have been either 15 or 16 in this photograph depending on whether this was taken at the beginning or the end of the year (something we don't know).